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To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society

Our Mission

To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned,efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people
History of Kirinda Puhulwella Divisional Secretariat...
Kirinda is an ancient area which is a new Divisional Administrative Division in Matara District. It was surrounded by small jungles, mountains in the past. Kirinda Division spread covering the north down part of the Naigalkanda, Wathukolakanda, Heellakanda and the south down of the Kongala Mountain.

The division is included into the north of Gangabadapaththuwa. According to the ancient Administration. Twenty five Grama Niladhari divisions are included into this division, to make easy administration and also two divisions of Samurdhi and two divisions of registration of birth, marriage and death are included into this division. The Defence is supplied by three police divisions. Kirinda “ Pradeshiya Sabha” is established to develop the infrastructures of the area and Kirinda is developing. It is important considering how got it’s name. With reference to the folk stories, there was a flower garden of a Suzerain of the area. So people named it as Malwathugoda. As there were four devala which people believed firmly, so got it’s name as Dewalamulla. Samanamulla got it’s name as Bhikkus/monks meditated in the area. As the same Gajamangoda got it’s name as poetress Gajamannona was boarded in this village to learn to create the poems under the Venerable Karathotanahimi. Puhulwella got it’s name as a golden pumkin (Ranpuhula) which was floating on the water in the past. there was a field of “Kirindia” therefore Kirinda got it’s name.

Another point of view, At the second war, the Japanees aimed two bomb attack to SriLanka. Therefore tout services pay their special attention on foreign attacks. At the once time, the friend soldiers could be able to know the word “Kirinda” by a radio massage of enemy soldiers. The friend soldiers pay their special attention  on this. At that moment the governer sent out a group of (Capiri) Solders to Kirinda. They reached to Matara and inquired about “Kirinda” from a group of people. A man has explained the way which lead to Kirinda. Then army reached to Kirinda. Afterthat the governer understood that the soilders reached to Matara- Kirinda. Because the mistake of communication/ Misunderstanding. The only word Kirinda uses to both Matara-Kirinda and TissaKirinda. So the governer added “Kirinda” to Matara as Kirinda-Puhulella.
The ancient Kirinda-Puhulwella division is between the north longitude 6 - 6.04 and the east latitude 80.30 – 80.42 in the map in inches. With reference to the land escape it is height between 200-700 in feets. It reaches to 700 feets in height at Hettiyawala and Naigalkanda mountains. The normal temperature is 30Co. The annual rainfall is about 75 inches and the wetness is 75 inches.

At the present and in the past rural people did cultivation. The way of living based on the caste in the past. There was a small village of people who make clay works in “Kirinda Magin Ihala” division. Kirinda “Sarananda Lane” and Wawulanbokka areas were famous for Silver and Jewellery workings.

Villagers of the division spent normal lifesystem in the past. Women wore a cloth and a jacket and men wore a cloth, upper part of the body was open. And also put a showe on the shoulder was special.

Important cash rapes are cultivated in the division. Extra paddy. When SriLanka was ruled by the western rulers the costal culture was destroyed little by little and Kirinda division was less of fluence. But they flunced to the economy of the division. As the result of western fluence the Coconut, the Cinnamon, The Rubber were cultivated by the villagers. And also the gamhoge, Arecanuts, Jacks, fruit breads were cultivated as domestic cultivations. The main water resource is several streams and cannels. The Thambagalla ara dola, the Hawapenna dola, the Mulana dola, the Gona dola are the several cannels.

Kirinda is a multi-races division. it is important that the sinhalese and the Muslims are living with mutual understanding and corporation. The Yonaka people came to here as businessmen in the past. Some people of them got married with Sinhala women because As this mixed cultural situation they became settlers of the division. The total population of the division is 22036 in the 2010. Women 11146 and men 10890 were in 2010. According to the spread of population. 21268. Number of Sinhalese and 768 numbers of Lanka Yonaka are living here.

Role Performed at DS Kirinda Puhulwella

Name From To
Mr. V.G.E. Karunarathna 1999.06.05 2003.06.12
Mrs. G.C.E Vidanagamachchi 2003.06.13 2005.11.03
Mr. Mahesh Abeysekara 2005.12.01 2008.09.11
Mr. Chinthaka Abeywickrama 2008.09.12 Still Working

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